WSOP Poker on Facebook


Some people maybe will choose the real poker game instead of the poker game which is just for having fun. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the poker game which is just for having fun is not great at all. In fact, the poker game online for instance can provide people with a lot of great advantages for playing the game on the Facebook. It is sure that Facebook nowadays is not only used for building the social relationship without having to meet people face to face. This basic function of Facebook is enhanced because people can play the online game in social platform. The Facebook game which can be found is varied with different theme options. Of course people are able to find the Facebook game which can give the opportunity for people for enjoying the poker game using their Facebook account. WSOP Poker must be one of Facebook game which people should consider because the players will be offered with the opportunity for winning the virtual bracelet of World Series of Poker. The bracelet is one of the precious items which are looked by many professional poker players after all. Although it is only virtual bracelet, people actually can find the exciting gameplay.

There are some many players who are active playing this game in a month and it means that the game can be found 24 hours a day for all year round. Various kinds of feature can be found on WSOP Poker. People will enhance their experience level as they play the poker game and it must be standard feature which can be found in other poker games on Facebook as well. Of course people must not forget about the unique part of this poker game which makes players chase the bracelet. For playing WSOP Poker, people only need to visit the page of WSOP Poker app on Facebook and press the Play Now banner. Permission for accessing the user’s data will be asked by Facebook and people have to give yes response for continuing the game. Once the permission is allowed, players will be transferred to the lobby of WSOP Poker. People will find the automatic creation of the new account which is given with initial bankroll. People can buy the chips with the real money or adding it by winning the poker game at the table. People can learn the way playing the poker game but they can skip it to get straightforward to the poker game.

Some options of game can be found from WSOP Poker including the shootout tournament. There is also sit and go tournament type of game. Of course the cash games are available as well. Different options of the game will provide its entertaining aspect but the poker game can be much more exciting if people play for chasing the virtual bracelet of WSOP. For this purpose, players need to collect the links of ten bracelets by winning the poker league in weekly manner or shootout tournaments. One virtual bracelet of WSOP can be found after collecting ten links. Of course players can win more than one bracelet.


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