Simoce Focuses to Maximize the Power of Atletico

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Copa del Rey is known to be one of football league which steal heart many of football lovers. Besides English league, a league which aims for Spanish football teams to compete is always interesting to follow. Many surprising news come around this football league like which becomes hot issues in this week is related to the football team, Atletico. Happens to be one of biggest football team in Spanish, Atletico always become the main intention for sports lover. The news comes from the coach of this football team, Diego Simeone which is optimistic to face the next match. It is indicated by Simeone’s statement which stated that his team will fully focus to prepare the second match in Copa del Rey so they can avoid any unexpected thing from their rival.

Atletico succeed to win the second match in Vicente Calderon Friday, December 18th, 2015. Atletico beat Reus Deportiu, the rival which is also joined in third division with the score 2-1. This second match actually was really surprising since ate the beginning of the match, Reus led the match before Atletico actually reversed the situation. In the match which was held in Reus’s home, Atletico overtook the match and win it with two beautiful goals made by Luciano Vietto and Saul Niguez.

For the match to come that will be held in Ateltico’s home, Simeone indicates that he will not make any rotation in the team. The team formation worked well so far since it has succeeded to win in a row for the latest eight football matches. Instead of making any change in the formation, Simeone will maximize the power of the team so that all the players can play well and win the next match. Simeone stated that Atletico will come as its usual formation but in maximal power of team. He trusts that the formation will make his team success in Copa del Rey. So far, Copa del Rey is a competition which is really respected by Atletico since it always gives them joy when playing in the game. It is due to record that Atletico Madrid always gets good result in this league as such a tradition.

Even though they have win the previous matches, they do not want to drown in overjoy since they need to focus the next important match. The score they got in the previous match was really tight so it does not mean that the team is in safe position. Unexpected situation might happen if they do nt aware with it. Team needs to be well-prepared so that all the players are ready to face any kind of situation in the upcoming match. The best way to face it is actually to be prepared as best as possible and try to respect the rival team which played well in the first match. Atletico needs to learn from the first match. The rival has good quality of players especially the strikers. They have good speed which makes Ateltico faced difficulty on that match. Simeone hopes that his team can finish the match well like the one his team made on the last previous minutes.

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