Playing Badminton: Rules for Beginners

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Badminton is great for exercise. You can do it for fun, both indoor and outdoor. Well, this sport is actually designed for indoor match, but if you want to do t for fun with family or friends, you can play everywhere. If you are beginners of this sport, you need to know some rules for beginners we have today.

The Players

There are two type of players in badminton, singles and doubles. One player against one player is called as singles, while two players against two players is called doubles. These kind of players is classified again into five types, which are women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and also mixed doubles. Mixed doubles means that each team consists of one man and one woman. Women’s doubles and men’s doubles are sometimes called as level doubles. IN casual play, you will find that sometimes men against women.


You will start the match with toss, and the toss will determine which player does the service first. There are some restrictions for serving. In badminton, you will find the term ‘receiver’. It is the person who hits the second shots in the match. The receiver’s partner, in doubles, is not allowed to hit the shot.

You do the service with underarm hit action. It must be directed upwards. In badminton, tennis style service is not allowed. Remember this. The rules also covers the way you hit the cock. The height level must be lower than the ribcage, or lower than the waist.

When doing service, you must be inside the court. There is small box shapes at the middle. You are not allowed to step outside the lines when doing service. You will have center line and front service line inside the box. You also will have rights service court and also left service court. In badminton we also have two kinds of lines. The outer lines is used when we do doubles, while we use the inner lines for singles match. Thus, for doubles, you will have a wider area. Yet, it will have shorter area, since we use the inside back line for doubles match.

Thus, for singles service, the area is inside these four lines, the center line, the inner side line, the front service line, and also the outer back lines. While for doubles service, you will be bordered by the center line, the outer side lines, the front service lines, and also the inner back lines.

The service area is used for these three things, that the server has to stand inside the service area; that the receiver has to stand inside the opposite service area, diagonally; and that the serve has to travel into the opposite service area diagonally. If the server stand in his left service court, the receiver then will stand in his left area. The serve will go to this direction as well. If the serve goes out from court, the receiver can choose not to hit it, and let it fall to the ground. Both of the players must be in the service court, until the server gives service. These are some rules for beginners we need to know.

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