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For anyone who love American football, it is a must to get update of NFL today news. The National Football League or NFL is the professional American football league that is divided into the NFC or National Football Conference and the AFC or the American Football Conference. It is the most popular and the biggest professional sport league in America, especially in North America.

The league is scheduled for 17 weeks of regular season that runs after the May Day to one week after Christmas. There are 32 teams on NFL match, the final is also called the Super Bowl where the team fight to be the champion between the AFC and NFC. As a professional league that was founded in 1920, NFL becomes the most popular sport league that attracts all American attention, especially the Super Bowl. live score american football

NFL today’s schedule

For the regular season schedule today, December 17, 2015, the match will be the Buccaners vs Ram at 8.25 pm. While for the Saturday schedule for the same time, we have to wait for the result of the previous match. To get the tickets, you have to go online to book and to buy the tickets.

Getting this year Super Bowl tickets

Are you thinking about getting this year Super Bowl ticket? You might have to consider to put your name on the Super Bowl lottery. There always be the odds of getting two tickets for free or for lower price. Just like in previous years, there are 500 free tickets from the 36,000 spectators of the games. The New York 10017 will send you some notification if you win the tickets. It’s worth to try. Or you can just book the tickets online from the official website. It is not suggested for you to buy the ticket in the last minutes. It is usually sold out there is a big chance for you to get the tickets illegally that costs you a lot of money.

If you are planning on watching the Super Bowl together with some people as a group, you really have to book the tickets early.

There are several sites where you can buy the tickets. First, of course the official website. Second, you can visit some exchange ticket websites. You have to keep in your mind that the nearer day you buy the tickets to the games, the price will increase 25 cent per day. The best time to buy the tickets is to ask around a few months before the game. Not only you are going to get the ticket cheaper but you can also book several tickets at once. But, if you need to buy the tickets in the last minutes, it is suggested for you to buy the tickets several days or as earlier as possible. The race to get the tickets is pretty challenging, especially when there are people who want to watch the game life with their group. They usually have already got the tickets earlier and book the best seats among all. Just follow today NFL news for sure.

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