National Football League 2015 Prediction: Rams VS Buccaneers

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Have you been watching National Football League of this season? There have been a number of team from all over the United States competing each other. Many more will be held in this month. The nearest one is certainly the match between St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both of these American Football teams will face against each other near time soon tomorrow on December 17, 2015. This will be held at the quarter of Rams’, Edward Jones Dome. Now, we are going to predict who will win this game in this article. We will do it by including their previous performance in this year’s score american football

Let’s begin with St. Louis Rams first. If we look at their record before, their playing can be considered to be not really good. As a matter of fact, this team has been slapped with five times losing in a row from the last six game. They just managed to win another one before on December 13 from Detroit Lions. In total, after playing for 13 games, they have obtained 8 losses and only 5 wins. Here is our opinions about their performance both in offense and defense. In offense, their passing, scoring ability, and also touchdown scoring are quite poor. Moreover, their red zone offense is not good either. The only thing that we like here is their rushing. Meanwhile, they are a bit better in defense. They are good enough in fumble forcing and average in picking and pass rush.

The next one is Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The performance of the team trained by Lovie Smith is not that different from Rams. Yet, they are still more stable here. It can be seen from their last five games before. From those matches, they have achieved three victories and two defeats. Their latest game is ended with loss after they got beaten by New Orleans Saints. Now, let’s see their playing in offense and defense. In offense, we think their passing, scoring ability, and touchdown scoring is average. However, they seems great in rushing and red zone offense. About their defense, they are quite good at fumble forcing, but average in picking and pass rush.

Looking at the previous performance of Rams’, we believe the passing will be done more by Nick Foles. In rushing, they might trust Todd Gurley for that. In receiving, the choices could be either Kenny Britt or Gurley. About Tampa, the passing might be done again by Jameis Winston might do it again just like his previous matches. Likewise, Doug Martin is trusted to do more rushings later. In receiving, Mike Evans could be the one who do that part more.

Now, for the final prediction, we think the team that will win this match is gotta be Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Based on how good they are in playing before, they might give another great performance tomorrow. The final score they might collect is probably 28 – 20. This could be a hard day for Rams since they just won one match after losing five times.


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