Mourinho’s Future as Chelsea’s Manager in Jeopardy

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Mourinho’s future as Chelsea’s manager is now questioned. After being defeated by Leicester last Monday, Chelsea’s board of directors was having a meeting after the game. With 9 losses over 16 games and 16th position on the table, Abramovich and the directors are weighing up what to do to improve the team’s position.

Critical moment for the Blues

It is a crucial moment for the Blues. Now, they are not thinking about how to win the premier league or how to qualify for the UEFA champion league.  It is time for them to think about how to stay in the competition. This condition is something very unusual for a big team like Chelsea. With only a position above the relegation positions, it is important for this team to get more points.

Who’s going to replace Mourinho?

Abramovich and Chelsea’s directors are still undecided on Mou’s future in Stamford Bridge. One of the causes of their indecision is finding the best candidate for his position. The directors may consider Pep Guardiola or Diego Simeone as Chelsea’s manager. But, both of them still have contract with Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid. Another thing that causes this indecision is the ability of Mourinho to turn things around.

The 52-year old manager has excellent record in previous years. He had helped the Blues gaining Premier League title last season. He also had brought championship titles to several teams. Because of his particular skill, former football players think that his change of coaching this team is still quite open.

However, if there is not much improvement, he will likely be sacked by the directors. And it is predicted that Guus Hiddink will be in charged temporarily. He has successfully helped the team won the FA Cup in 2009. His record is surely worth considering by the club owner.

Sacking Mourinho or getting new players?

January is getting closer and transfer window will be soon opened. The board of directors is thinking of selling their old players and having new faces in Stamford Bridge. According to Mou, there are seven Chelsea’s players who do not perform maximally. After being defeated by Leicester, he accused his players that they have bertrayed his works.

This can be the reason for the club to sell them and get new players who will bring new spirit to the team. And it is hoped that Mourinho can turn the Blues’ misfortune into glory. However, it all depends on the decision of Abramovich as the owner of the club.

What others say about this matter?

According to a voting, 18% of the respondents do not want him replaced by another manager.  44% of them said that Chelsea’s management must wait until the end of the season before sacking him. If he cannot improve the club’s condition, they won’t mind losing him. Meanwhile, 8% or respondents said that the club’s management must wait until the next match versus Sunderland. If Chelsea cannot beat it, Mourinho must find another club. And 29% of respondents said that the club must sack him now.

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