Marquez Sets New Target in 2016

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MotoGP tournaments not only provide interesting game to watch but the news related to the racer also grab attention for many fans that always wait the games. There are many controversies which surround this competition as well. Besides, who will get the winning title in MotoGP for the season is always become great thing to be followed. Many people most likely will be thinking whether the previous winner will save his position or there is new winner that will steal the position. It happened to Marc Marquez the winner of the previous season who failed to save his title in 2015. Not to mention with the controversy he made in this season. Now, he is setting up new goal in upcoming season in 2016.

Marc Marquez made good record in MotoGP since its first appearance in the game. He started to compete by joining primer class of world motor race grand prix in 2013. Since joining this race, he always makes captivating performance. On his last debut in MotoGP, this young rider became the winner in this completion. The rider whose age is 22 years old this year continues his ultimate performance in the second season in primer class. He was able to save his winner position in MotoGP.

In the third season, Marquez should face bad reality that made him fail to collect champion titles in MotoGP for the last three seasons. Rider which comes from Repsol Honda team only could finish in the third position for the last classification. This result actually destroys the dream of this Spain rider to make a good record in MotoGP which is to collect champion titles in a row for three seasons. The bad reality did not only come since they could not make as a winner in the third season MotorGP but the controversy he made with another MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi in Moviestar Yamaha also became hot issue that he want to quickly forget. His target in 2015 was actually to be success in this world race competition but all the obstacles which came in this seasons avoid him to make it.

This Spain rider stated that there are a number of factors which caused his failure to win in this season. Some crashes which happened to him as well as the high pressure which came were speculated to be the main reasons behind his failure. The pressure he stated was not come from himself since he already pressured himself for the match. Instead, it came from other people. It was what made everything came really difficult. But, he learned from that hard moment that he should become stronger person so that he could cope with all the bad things happened. He also want to end his polemic with Rossi which in several chances stated that he lost his opportunity in winning the competition due to Marquez. He hopes that in 2016, he can face the fresh match season, find new relation, and forget all the bad things happened in the previous season.

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