Loco Slots Challenge the Players From All Over the World

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It is not a new topic talking about the online slots but not many people know further of this. The Classic Slot Machine is the only slot game they ever played. So when they move their hands and minds to the online slot games, well, they turn to be a beginner for once. If the Classic Slot Machine is simply played by matching three similar symbols in line, then the Online Slots (also comes with another name called Video Slots) are more challenging? One of Online Slots games are Loco Slots. Different rooms are provided in this game so players are able to play and win. Game tournaments are also designed to allow players invite their friends and defeat each other. In these tournaments, players will be given an opportunity as well to obtain coins and be one of the best three players.

  • How to Play Loco Slots?

Free coins and varied bonus are the two advantages players could get when they decide to join this game. Since Loco Slots are designed to be online slot games, players have an easy access to play it on playspace.com and Facebook. Make sure you already have an account to play the game or simply connect with Facebook. This game comes with certain levels, and if you want to improve your ability and get higher expectance, then you need to undergo diamonds by stressing spin at each distinct room. Get more diamonds and increase your chance to go up to the next level by selecting more lines and placing bet. If you succeed in entering each new level, then you experience the special prizes. It means also you get the advantage to unlock the new astonishing rooms. Do you want to get special offers at the store? Then raise your level of the game and automatically the game store is leveled.

There are two types of bets in Loco Slots, namely lines and bet. Lines are like precious items providing a chance for the players to select in order to play with. If you decide to use more lines, then you will have more chances to win. This way also gives you the chance to upgrade the diamond points. Meanwhile, bet allows player to put coins on every line they select. If you place bet with the higher number of coins, then you are able to bet other players, meaning the winning chance will come to you faster. The diamond points are also created in higher amount.

  • Bonus in Loco Slots

Special bonus and daily bonus are the two bonuses found in this online slot game. Daily bonus is a bonus available in 24 hours, meaning you receive it almost every day. Meanwhile, special bonus are only obtained every two hours. When your level raises, you are able to get into the game and gather gifts you deserve to have.

Loco Slots are really a slot online game that is worth to try. You are challenged by people coming from almost the entire world. You gain precious experiences through online players and the game itself. Just prepare yourself to get free coins and bonus from Loco Slots.


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