Latest News about NBA: Lakers Defeated Bucks

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Hello, sport lovers. People must be so excited now about various sport games that are going on at the moment. Among of all sports, we are going to talk about National Basketball Association. In this article, the game between Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks is the main topic here.

Boy oh boy, all Lakers fans must be so happy at the moment. How come? Well, after so many times of losing, they finally won another game on December 15, 2015. If we go back to the beginning of this competition, this basketball team seems not in their top condition. They have to accept so many loses in this season. From the last five games, they already lost four times in a row. From the start of the game, they have been beaten for 21 times. What a mess. There are two games that they could have actually won. The first one is with Detroit Pistons dated on December 6. This game was held in the opponent’s quarter, The Palace of Auburn Hills. At that time, Lakers must lose with score 111 – 91. Some people said they could have gotten that game if Kobe Bryant did not suffer from stomach cramp. The other game is on December 9, against with Minnesota Timberwolves. Both of these teams actually were tie which caused the game must be continued to over time. Lakers only needed two more points to win. The final score they got is 123 – 122.

On the other hand, Milwaukee Bucks has been playing well enough. Their winning amount is not as much as the total lost. Yet, at least they play better than Lakers. So far, they have received 10 times winning and 16 times losing. Their best moment is certainly on the game against with Golden State Warriors. Why? The game that was held at BMO Harris Bradley Center on December 12 shocked every audience. Bucks stopped the winning streak of their oponent.Warriors had collected 24 winnings in a row without losing. It failed them to break record of 33 winnings collected by LA Lakers in 1971/72. Right from the start of this match, Bucks had surpassed Warriors with a big gap of score between them. In the end, the team from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, beat them with final score 108 – 95.

Bucks might be so overwhelmed at that time by breaking the record of Warriors. Unfortunately, their joyful moment did not last long. On December 15, they had to be defeated by the team based on Los Angeles, Lakers. This winning stopped their six loses in a row. The team won the match with the final score 113 – 95. It is Kobe Bryant that should be thanked for. It is because he had contributed 22 points for his team. Moreover, he also helped them with six assists. Besides Kobe, D’Angelo Russel also played very well by giving 19 points and seven assists. This makes the team gains 4 wins out of 25 matches for now.

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