How to Win Blackjack Vegas

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If you think playing blackjack vegas as easy as other game cards, you need to think again. The blackjack vegas is called with the most played game in all over casino online. Here is guide how you made money when you play this game. Learn the strategy that presented below and you are able to get better in casino. First thing that you need to remember when you play the blackjack vegas, don’t ever touch the cards. There is only dealer that able to touch the cards. Although this game also called with twenty one, the goal from this game is not to get 21 count but getting higher total than dealer have without go over from 21. If you are, want to have another card that added to your hand, taking the hit by tapping your finger.  You are able to take hit as many as you want as you not get over 21. If you have satisfied with the card, wave your hand and dealer will not hit on you. After the entire players completed their hands, dealer will starts play his hand.

First dealer reveal the card that face down. The dealer requires hitting his hand when he has less from 16 or stands on 17 or better. When dealer’s two cards hand total 17 to 21, he should stand. Dealer also able to busting when his additional cars make his card total exceed in 21. In adding the card total from your, the entire cards get face value. The picture cards have ten values, the ace are able to count as 1 or 11. If you dealt a hand without aces, this called with hard hand, for example with 7 and 9, that equal with 16. When the hand with ace in it, for example you get ace and 5, it also count as 16 or 6 because  the ace cards called with 1 or 11, this option is depend on yours. If there is an ace in your hand, this called with soft hand.  When you lose your hand against dealer hands, you will lose your wager. You also possible to tie dealer with push opportunity. Here is the option for betting strategy that rise you are winning in blackjack vegas.

The first one is double down. After tow cards of you revealed, you have opportunity to double wager by putting same amount in next to your original bet. The doubling down rule is you should take only one and one card. Doubling down your card is available when two card from your hand equal with 10 or 11 cause the odds receive another 10 that greater from other value card. Next option strategy is splitting the pair. This happen when your two card hand has an identical pair such as 7 and 7 for example.  You are able to get chance matching the original wager, split the pair’s card and play as two separate hands. You will play these separate hands individually by hitting and standing.


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