How to Play Baker’s Game

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Bakers Game

If you think that playing solitaire is easy, you should play baker’s game. The baker’s game is the most difficult freecell solitaire game. This game is similar with Freecell card game, but in baker’s game, you should build the stacks by suit not by color alternating.  Such as in Freecell game, in baker’s game you need to beat the game by get entire 52 cards into four foundations in the corner right top. The simple play when you play this game, the top cars tableaux is available for play in other tableaux, foundation or in reserve. The empty reserve can hold any card, but each of reserve can hold only one card in at time. The card is able to remove by playing it again in tableaux or foundation.   Here are guide on how to play baker’s game.

The construction and layout with 52 decks -card standard considered four open cells and four open foundations. The all deck dealt up with the left to right into eights cascades, four of cards which comprises seven cards and four of which comprise six. To build the deck during playing game, the top card from each of cascade begins with a tableau. The tableaux must build down with similar suit. Next the four foundation built by suit cards start from Ace to King. Any available cars are able to move into the empty cell provides and the cards in cell are able to move either back into foundation or to the tableaux. Move the groups of card not allowed strictly in baker’s game. However, the players are able to moving groups of cards as shortcut move. Consider you have four cells empty, is  a possibility for move a group of 5 cards in down sequence by alternating color by move the top 4 cards into the cells then move to 4th card, then move to 4 cards back from the cells to reform the group cards. Most of baker’s game allows the player to simply move all 5 cards together at once.

The effect from this move is the number in empty cell determines in how much cards that player are able to move as groups. In this game, it is important for keeping the cells as possible as stay empty so the player are able to move more cards amount in the tableau. In this game, you have four reserves to start with, and this is not always a lot. You need to take decisions that are more careful when you use the reserve. The best strategy when you fill the reserve is only when you have already known how you are able to get that card get out from the reserve again. The other effect is this move clears the tableau pile that means perfect move to increase the cards number that you can move in-group cards. The player game win after the entire cards are move into ascending number that suit with the piles foundation. Since this game is harder rather than Freecell, most of players win this game about 35% of the time.

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