English Premier League 2015 Prediction: Leicester City VS Everton

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Are you a soccerball fan? Then, you must be very excited watching English Premier League 2015/2016 that is going on at the moment. Many football clubs have been competed with each other during this game. So many wins and so many loses has been happened. On the next days, there have been a number of match schedules arranged. One of them is the game between Everton and Leicester City. Among these two teams, which one you think will win the competition? In this case, we have prepared our own prediction based on their previous performances. Check it out, folks.

Before we begin the prediction, let’s see how each of these clubs performed on the last games. The first one is Leicester City. If you have been watching the whole season games, you must realize how good this club is. Leicester has been playing in such a great stamina in this season. In the last six games, they have made five wins, one draw, and none lose at all. How cool is that. On November, they have competed with three clubs. First, they faced against with Watford on November 7 and won it with the score 2 – 1. Second, they stole all three points from Newcastle United on November 21. Last, the match was ended with tie against with Manchester United with score 1 – 1. In this month, they just finished two games. The first one is resulted with winning from Swansea City (0 – 3). The latest one is another victory after competing with Chelsea (2 – 1). Due to their amazing performance, they have reached the top position again. Here is their record in this season for now.

No. Pl W D L F A GD Pts
1 16 10 5 1 34 22 12 35

In the meantime, the performance of the other club, Everton, can be said to be quite stable. It can be seen from how many times they have ended some games with draw. From the last six games, they have obtained four draws and two wins. That is not bad, right? The draw results are gotten from West Ham United (1 – 1), Bournemouth (3 – 3), Crystal Palace (1 – 1), and Norwich City (1 – 1). On the other hand, the two wins are taken from Sunderland (6 – 2) and Aston Villa (4 – 0). Although their total amount of loss is not much, but it might be still depressing to them to end several games with tie instead of victory. As a result, they could only be on tenth position as we can see from the table below.

No. Pl W D L F A GD Pts
10 16 5 8 3 29 21 8 23

As we can see the info above, Leicester gives better playing than Everton. If Leicester plays more in attack, then Everton might play the opposite style, which is defense. It is based on how many times they gain draw result. With this factor, we believe that Leicester City will be able win the match. The score they will get could be 3 – 1. Well, this is only prediction. We could find the answer from the official match held at Goodison Park on December 19.

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