England National Team; the Brightest One in EURO 2016 Qualification Ready for the Real Game

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2016 is in the air and one of the most awaited football tournament is getting closer. The one and only EURO 2016 qualification has attracted many people to get involved. The fans of England could be proud, as always of their team. The squad has been amazing during the qualification and that makes them even prepare more for a tougher competition.

The Brightest Star

It is undeniable that England has been placing the best position in many football tournament. In the qualification of EURO 2016, this country has been blazing, as shining as a star. They won 9 matches in one row (meaning without gap), and scored more goals compared to other team. For the loyal fans of England, of course, that is not a new thing for them. They have seen many and they cannot wait to have some more with them, placing and memorizing other historical events in their life.

To Sky Sports in October, last year, 11th, Theo Walcott admitted that they have to be proud of themselves. The reason is simple, yet needs a tough practice to get that. 9 winnings is something amazingly wonderful. Of course, that statement could not be any truer. In the qualification of EURO 2016, England has successfully beaten some amazing team, too.

They won the last winning when they faces Estonia with 2-0 scores. The qualification was on Group E, held in London. With such a great achievement, England believes that they can do their best to face other countries. They are positive, and confident that this could be the time of their lives. They want to repeat what they have done in Wembley Stadium, when they were one on one with Estonia to state their winning.

To make it a record, this is the ninth winning reached by the Three Lions. With this record, England is unbeatable, being on the top of the Group E Classmen. They were successful, 27 points are in their hands already. The second place is placed by Switzerland with 9 points left from England. Besides winning nine games on a row, England also becomes one team that has collected the most goals. In total, they have had 28 goals. Insanely amazing!


The goals are of course, to win in fair play. With those records in qualification, England player, each of them, has made about 3.1 goals in every match. There is no other team doing this before. The productivity is absolutely a role model for other team to follow. This makes England stands on their own feet and ready for the real match.

The other thing about England National Team is that they have the strongest defense. They did not let other team score a goal in seven of their matches. For this record, there is only one team that could beat this record, and that is Spain. However, England is never going to be beaten that easy, not if they have a great squad with Roy Hodgson as the coach and the one and only Rooney as their captain team!

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