Champions League Round 16 Draw and the Teams’ Prospect


It has been announced that the first legs of Champions League round of 16 draw will be in the third and fourth weeks of February. Meanwhile, the return legs will be in second and third weeks of March. Here is the drawing result:

  • Arsenal v Barcelona
  • Real Madrid v Roma
  • Wolfsburg v Gent
  • Zenit St Petersburg v Benfica
  • Manchester City v Dynamo Kiev
  • Bayern Munich v Juventus
  • Chelsea v Paris St Germain
  • Atletico Madrid v PSV Eindhoven

Must watch drawing match

All of the matches in the round 16 Champions League draw are worth watching. However, there is one game that you must not miss. It is Arsenal versus Barcelona. The match between these teams is a déjà vu. They have met four times in the last 10 years. It will be a difficult match for Arsenal. However, Arsene Wenger and his team will do their best to beat Barcelona. They don’t want to repeat their loss over Barcelona in 2011.

Some people are pessimistic over Arsenal victory. It is very understandable since Barcelona’s level is far above Arsenal’s. With Messi, Suarez, and Neymar, it can be very difficult for Jack Wilshere and his team mates to beat this team. However, at the time of match, it is predicted that Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck will return from their injury so that Arsenal will be able to perform better. And there is Peter Cech to stop Messi for scoring goals.

Which English team gets the best prospect?

There are three English teams in this Champions league draw. They are Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester City. Arsenal will have a hard time facing Barcelona. And most people predict that Barcelona to win the game

Meanwhile, Chelsea never met PSG at the knockout stage. Chelsea is having a difficult time in the Premier League. However, there is a lot of things can happen between now and next February. However, most previews said that Chelsea will have greater chance to win over PSG.

Manchester City has not been able to get through the knockout stage in 16 years. However, City has better chance in facing Kiev. This Ukraine’s team is not a favorite. It is predicted that Manchester City will be able to gain victory easily over Dynamo Kiev. Plus, Kiev will not get support from its supporters on the first leg. They are not allowed to present at the stadium because of their racist attacks while facing Chelsea on the knockout phase.

Non English team prospect

It is predicted that Real Madrid will be able to gain victory over Roma easily. It seems that Italian teams do not have great chances in this round. Juventus will have difficulty in defeating Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, another Spanish team, Atletico Madrid can win the game over PSV. However, PSV will not give an easy battle for Atletico. On the knockout phase, Atletico is beaten by Benfica. So, it is predicted that Benfica will perform excellently while facing Zenit. And which team has better chance in winning the game between Wolfsurg and Gent? In this game, Wolfsburg is the favorite.

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