Badminton Techniques: Clears and Grip

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Mastering badminton techniques is the key for success when you are in badminton match. Your skills on court is the most important one, the equipment you have is just complementary material. The techniques and skills to play badminton like a pro can be easily found online. You even can find the video that clearly shoe you how to do those techniques. The key to master those skills is just practicing. There are at least eight skills you have to learn, which are grip, footwork, serve, clears, drop shots, smash, drive, and also net play. We will discus two of the techniques we have.


This is important and common badminton strokes. This techniques can be played underarm or overhead. It also can be played both backhand and forehand. Clear will help you to confuse your opponent. It is a the great way to make them moving at the back of the court. It also gives you time to prepare for the next moving. It gives you time to move back at your base, and the time for you to exploit the frontcourt.

There are two types of clears, the attacking clear and the defensive clear. Attacking clear will flow parallel to the ground. It travels fast and flat. It goes to the back court of your opponents. It gives your opponents less time to run at the back, and move to their base. It causes weak returns. The defensive clears is a bit different. It has deep and high trajectory. Yet, the purpose is the same like the attacking clear. It gives you time to move at your base and prepare the next shot.

Remember that you can do this shots both backhand and forehand. We have forehand overhead clear. This shot is like throwing ball. Learn to throw the shuttle before you start playing. We also have backhand overhead clear. Yet, this technique is a bit hard to try. You need to practice around the head forehand clear first before trying this.


This is actually the very first step we have to master before playing badminton. If you hold the racket correctly, you will increase your accuracy and power. You will shot unlimitedly, and will enjoy the whole game. We have two types of grip, forehand grip and backhand grip.

The forehand grip is used to hit shots which is located on the forehand side of the players’ body. This technique is also known as around the head shots. To increase your accuracy and control, you can shorten the grip, and place the grip nearer, to the shaft. In forehand grip, you will find the V shape between your index finger and your thumb.

The shape for the backhand grip is a bit different. The V shape will move leftwards, since you have to turn your racket anti-clockwise to do this technique. Backhand grip is used to hit shots. The location is one the backhand side, of the player’s body. For greater power, place the thumb against your back level of the handle. These are some badminton techniques you can start to practice.

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