Athletic Bilbao’s Goals Party in San Mames

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There is always surprising news which comes from Spain football league, Copa del Rey. Become another football league which have a lot of fans after English football league, Copa del Rey comes with interesting football news that make many football lover want to keep update with all happen in the league. The matches of this season, for instance, present great games that will be ashamed to be missed. It compete a number of top football team in Spain league. One of the team which captivates many football lovers is Athletic Bilbao. Following the success from Atletico, another football team, Athletic Bilbao also comes out with satisfying result in the match. This football team was qualified to in Copa del Rey in big 16 after big win they made by beating Linense with the score 6-0. Other team which are also qualified to continue the match in this football league are Rayo Vallecano and Eibar. On the match that was held on Thursday, December 12th, 2015, Bilbao played the match amazingly. Since the beginning of the match, Bilbao led the game. It was seen from the first goal which was made few minutes after the game started precisely on the ninth minute. The first goal was made by Oscar De Marcos. Bilbao led the match with on score until the first session ended. Other five goals were made in the match on the second session. Four minutes after the second session was begun, Javier Eraso’s kick which led to corner kick changed the previous score into 2-0.

Few minutes after that, another kick which made into goal were done by Xabier Etxeitia. This player joined the team to switch with Kike Sola. He made a goal with short kick in sixty-second minute and changed the score into 4-0. This satisfying result actually had not finish the great performance of this team since other players of the team kept making goals. Another goal was made few minutes after the fourth goal. This fifth goal was created by Raul Garcia. The score also changed again few minutes after the fifth goal was made. Mikel Rico finished the score into 6-0 precisely one minute before the game ended. That sixth goal actually became a good end for the goals party Bilbao made.

That amazing result actually made Bilbao continue to play for the big 16 with aggregate 8-0 from Linense which happens to be Spain football club of third level. In another place, Eibar also made another win by beating Ponferradina with score 4-0. The rival of Eibar actually plays on second level of Spain league competition. This result is enough to make Eibar qualified for the next round with an aggregate which is slightly different with the rival on 4-3. Meanwhile, on the dual of same La Liga teams, Getafe succeeded to defeat Rayo Vallecano in Coliseum Afonso Perez with the score 3-1. Those results created same aggregate for both teams which was 3-3 even though Rayo Vallcano took benefit from the goals made in the match.

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