2015 Moto GP Update and Facts Fan Must Know

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Though Moto GP for this year season has been ended almost over a month ago, it is still fun to talk about the 2015 MotGP update, especially talking about the fun facts. There are several fun facts any of Moto GP fan must know. Besides the Lorenzo who has beaten Rossi, there are more hidden facts you have to know.

2015 Moto GP has more drama

Everybody knows that the 2015 MotoGP has created a lot of news. In fact, the season which was ended on November 8, 2015 is claimed to be the most dramatical season ever. Some people think about any conspiracy in this seasons. However, until today it is still questionable and no one cannot really prove about the conspiracy to the match.

The facts about the Moto GP riders

There are also several facts about the riders that you must know. First, they are controlling a super power vehicle. The bike they ride has approximately 250 horse power. It is indeed more powerful than a car. Can you imagine how to control this power? Second, the bike is heavy. It seems clear that the bike is heavy. It is in fact twice of the rider weight. It makes the rider has to struggle more to control the bike. Third, the rider wear more armour than Batman. A Moto GP rider wears a lot of protection like the knee protection, elbow, arms, and some others. Some part of the protections are even specifically made from kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is 2 – mm ticker than other animal leather. It is also more flexible and effectively protect the body from any bump.

Though Lorenzo is the one who is in the first place, it is still Rossi who was the most talked about in the news. This year is also one of the hardest year for Rossi for he had to get some penalties and stay in the second place. Rossi is an experienced rider, but still he could not get the best achievement in this year. The best of Rossi’s achievement was in 2006 when he got the Laureus World Sport Award.

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